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NWKRTC Recruitment 2018 Complete Details of Selection Process

Aspirants who are looking for NWKRTC Recruitment 2018 here is some details about nwkrtc. The organization is attempting to make the objective reality realistic in order to provide good, safe and reliable transportation to public passengers. In this way, the Department of Commerce incorporates the Course Status and Recruitment Code-1982 in order to include the best staff in the organization.

NWKRTC Grade-2 Officer Jobs :

Appointments for these posts are maintained by the General Entrance Examination, as Grade-2 Officers and Supervisory Staff & Management Authority is the Legislative Council. The options for these posts are based on the points scored in the General Entrance Examination and the points earned in the respective rankings assigned to the respective posts.

Appointments for the rank-and-file rank-3 posts(Jobs) such as Administrator, Junior Assistant, Security Guard, Other and Grade-4 positions are made at the home office. The selection of these posts has made the benchmark the qualification of the scores in the respective qualifications assigned to respective posts.

As it is said, the driver’s role plays an important role in the organization as the main objective of the organization is as passenger protection. Therefore, there is a need for skilled candidates with excellent driving skills. Therefore, the choice for driver and driver-cum-manager positions is considered the performance of candidates’ driving test with the specified physical qualification. There are two separate driving tests for a maximum of 25 points. Each candidate qualifies for the selection only if he receives at least 25 marks for a total of 50 points. The firm has adopted a computerized driving test system, fully transparently without complaints without any human intervention and errors, allowing it to adequately evaluate the driver’s driving potential. The organization is proud to have adopted this unique system in this country for the driver and driver-cum-operators’ selection process.

Eligibility For NWKRTC Recruitment 2018

As it progresses, physical qualifications are assigned to other posts, except for clerical posts, in accordance with the need for candidates to be held. Minimum weight of at least 163 cm, minimum 55 kg for male candidates, and minimum of 153 cm for women candidates, minimum 50kg for driver, driver-cum-manager, security guard, craftsman, technical assistant, assistant traffic inspector Weight is assigned. But only the height is considered to be the administrative post, for males -160 cm and for women -150 cm height. The security guard needs to pass on the physical tolerance test as specified in the rules, with the physical qualifications for the post. As stated above, the reservation facility will be extended to candidates of the respective parties, as per the order issued by the Government for eligibility.
The selection of technical technical Jobs like Artisan and Technical Assistant and Assistant Traffic Assistant will be selected by the Reserve Bank of India for selection of respective posts in respective posts and interview scores. The clear guidelines are specific to conduct the interview adequately and transparently. The following criteria are specified for measuring the potential of candidates:


NWKRTC Recruitment Measures 2018

* Personality and expression potential are 5 points
* Knowledge related to the post is 5 points
* General Knowledge 5 points
As soon as the interview is over, the select committee will take action to publish the candidate’s points in the interview board.

Applicants for current recruitment are required to submit their applications through the “OOI I OE”, a brief advertisement for candidates’ information is provided in State Broadcasting Newspapers. The full details of the qualifications, rankings and selection methods required for each post of recruitment are given in the advertisement.

In the past five years, the institute has been appointed directly to the following posts for various posts.

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